#Trending: It’s Personal!


Remember back in grade school everything you owned had your name on it and writing your name on everything was the cool thing to do? Well this season it’s personal and designers are giving you a chance to relive your days of personalizing EVERYTHING all over again! In the most stylish and adult way possible of course!



#Trending: The Pretty Ugly Sandal

There has been no question that the Birkenstock sandal is the ugly step sister of  all sandals. Fashion goers had a change of heart when Phoebe Phlio introduced a fur-lined Birkenstock in her Celine S/S ’13 collection. Since then the Birkenstock sandal has no longer only reserved for the hippie or treehugger. This trend can be seen everywhere this season offered in a variety of colors and textures.

Even the Olsen twins have been spotted sporting a pair of Birkenstock sandals, so you can stop fighting it now!


#Trending: Orange is the new red



The orange lip is one of the most talked about beauty trends of the season. It has been up and down runways and featured in many magazines on women of all skin tones and still manages to look amazing! Which is all the more reason why orange happens to be the new the red of the season.

Why you ask? Because it’s new, fresh, and unmistakably BOLD! With that being said I know just like finding the perfect red can be a bit challenging and even scary, but after watching the video featuring one of the Nars leading stylist, Uzo you will be able to wear an orange lip with you head held high all season long.